Travel leaves you with many stories about places and people. Typing that on a phone however might be a bit tedious, especially as there seem to be a surprising amount of things to tell about. So I’ll leave the places to the photos, and share some fun facts:

  • Indonesians are mostly muslin, and quite fanatically so. The weird thing however is that they barely understand what they believe in or pray for, they just do. In example, many young girls start weiring kerchiefs (hoofd doeken) at age 2.
  • As muslim, almost all women are dressed very conservative. Serving tables in hello kitty pajamas however is also totally acceptable.
  • In trafic, you are expected to cut corners, drive on sidewalks and cut off others. People actually get frustrated when you don’t.
  • While everything is dirt cheap (you can eat for 35 cents, sleep for 5 euros), a lot of travellers still want to get “the locals price”. If you do the math for them, it either turns into a principle or they dont care that much after all.
  • Chickens can turn into hens when there are no other hens around – best conversation starter so far.
  • The language is refrehingly simple, i.e. I eat today & we eat yesterday.
  • They literally don’t care about nature at all; with a bag of rubish in my hand I asked where the bin was, it was grabbed from my hands and thrown in the bushes. All attempts to explain that that might be not so cool ended up in blank stares.
  • Selfies are seriously cool here, phones are only advertised by how awesome their front camera is.

As promised,some photos:

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