Travel is only beautiful in retrospect

The fun thing about travel is that part of it is quite bad: pouring rain for days, bad stomach due to MSG or some other artificial chemical flavour they add to almost everything here, flu etc. The beautiful thing however is that in retrospect (or in 3 days) all these memories are gone, and only the more pleasurable ones are left

For example the green valley, where we slowly floated downstream in a river jungle, up to the point where the river turned into a monster and became quite a challenge – ropes, life vests etc. 

One more “highlight” being borobudur, the largest buddistic temple. We got up at 3:30 for a view if the temple with a supposedly beautiful sunrise, but it turned out to be slightly invisible. In the temple itself (where you pay about 25 times as much to get in compared to an indo), every group of kinds wants to take “piktjur mistér”, and those who don’t dare to ask just sneak up behind you and take a quick selfie. It’s fun up till the point where you are hungry, but cannot order before all 12 staff members of some local place need to take atleast 2 pictures with you. We still wonder where all those pics are ending up…

Of course there is te beautiful scenery, with rice fields, tea plants, mountains and waterfalls. Wherever you go, there will always be foodstands offering you snacks or sone variation of rice or mie. Literally all these places put MSG in their food, a supplement that makes you eat more and more and is linked to a number of diseases as well as reduced brain functionality, making me wonder if there is a link between food and the fact that people here in general seem to be a bit less cognitively  gifted then say the average european. While writing that i do remember people voting for geert wilders and thrump, so perhaps that’s not too good of an argument.

Anyways, I’ll stop boring you and feed some of the pictures I shot here (#nofilter), this afternoon I’m off to lombok, an island next to bali with snorkeling, diving, vulcans and malaria: jeej!

Tea plants taken during a scooter trip outside of solo.

One of 430 Buddha’s enjoying the view of borobodur as well as an cell phone tower. 

A sight well worth getting up at 3:30

Private pool of the sultan of yogja – shown to me by a local “guide” who then tried to scam meinto buying overpriced fale kopi luak.


Coffee place in a dutch colonial building- indos love coffee places almost as much as the netherlands these days.

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