Mr. Rinjani & danny

Fifteen years, wearing a torn down t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. Smoking atleast half a package of cigarettes a day, danny was “our” porter, carying tents, cooking gear and food for 3 days while we climbed the rinjani. The rinjani is one of the many active volcanoes of Indonesia, and the one that created the island of lombok. Lombok is like bali, but less touristic; you can go for a beer but you’re not expected to get wasted every day.

Mount rinjani is intense, both in its awesomeness and thoroughness. Tourists regularly die there (though it’s usually unfit people) and the climbs are steep, forcing you to go on hands and feet. Danny didn’t seem to care however, with some smooth balancing movements no obstacle was too much for him, all without complaining or lagging behin.

The views from the top rims (both campsites where at opposite sides of the crater lake) are magnificent. In true indonesian style, there is rubbish everywhere, and you had to protect your bags from dogs and monkeys. One guy got his left shoe stolen, with a 1500m descending to go.

At the end the climb left me with mixed feelings. We started off with 2 porters, but one started lagging behind in the first hour and was by far not fit enough to make it to the top. And there we were left with a kid who should have been at school , but was earning money to pay for cigarettes and a newer smartphone. Tourism brings money – whether that’s good or not is the question .

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