Curriculum Vitae

Simon Nouwens
Breda, Netherlands

Education TU/Eindhoven

MSc Human-Technology Interaction (2016)
BSc Industrial Engineering (2013)


  • Backend (PHP, Node.js, Devops, AWS)
  • Front end (JS - angular & vue, CSS). Prefer proven over popular frameworks.
  • Data infra & -analysis (Python, statistics, BI, SQL)
  • Machine learning (text, visual, generic)
Experienced in Git, AWS, Pandas (numpy), Pytorch, Postgres/MySQL, Redis, Mobile (Cordova), Ansible, Open source, Linux, Docker and many more.

Freelance Software Engineer 2012 - Current

Wide variety of software related projects, ranging from single page websites for local businesses to larger scale data applications. Some notable projects:

  • OK: custom Product Information Management (PIM), allowing the client to manage thousands of oil related products, containing hundreds of properties each. Designed for their requirements and integration, ie. enriching the clients' web-shop and generating custom labels for the physical products.
  • StudyPortals I got the opportunity to designed & implemented a data pipeline, -store and -analytics setup while StudyPortals grew from startup to business. The system scaled to 100M+ events a day, and was the base for their current business intelligence department.
  • Endoss: custom order intake project that allows customers of the client (mainly hospitals and medical care providers) to send orders from their own ERP systems. The application algorithmically unifies all order formats into a single data structure and inserts it into the clients' administration, saving manual labor and retyping errors.
  • PFolio: platform that allows dutch high-schools to digitize their cultural assignments to students, including a mobile app and a personal cultural portfolio for every student.
  • TMI Archive: open source collection of 1500+ talks from the late meditation teacher John Yates. The website is basic, technically more interesting where the algorithmic audio denoiser and speech-to-text analysis.

Founder & CTO KidUp 2014 - 2016

KidUp was a danish marketplace for second hand children products, backed by angel investor Jesper Buch. I was responsible for every aspect of the technology, scaling the mobile app and platform from the first line of code to 3 engineers and thousands of concurrent users.

Personal life 1991 - 2068 (rough estimate)

Enthusiastic meditator. I backpacked around the world 2017-2020, was DJ before but prefer nature and reading nowadays. I spent the first corona months designing an automated chess board, and possesses a government approved swimming diploma.